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over 3 years ago

New Prize for Innovation

As stated in the HTM Challenge homepage, submissions should be applications of HTM technology with an emphasis on real-world data sets and problem solving. However, it is hard for us to ignore other innovative submissions that don't really live up to the "application" criteria. 

In order to showcase these submissions without excluding them from the Challenge, we have created a new "Innovation Prize". This prize will be provided by one (or both) of our sponsors: Muse & SmartThings

Examples of innovative submissions are things like HTM research projects, integrations between HTM theory and other machine learning technology, experimental HTM implementations, or toolkits built to help other developers be more productive with HTM. 

So if you have an HTM toolkit, a library that enhances another HTM implementation, or a crazy research project, please submit it to the Challenge and it will be considered for the Innovation Prize.